Stay Safe in the Wake of Arthur

— Written By NC State Extension

As hurricane Arthur is making its way out of North Carolina, make sure that you and your family stays safe in the wake of the storm. Avoid flooded areas until the waters recede. Never drive, wade or swim in flood waters. Unseen obstacles and contaminants can be a hazard.

Many areas are also experiencing power outages. Avoid areas with downed power lines. Always treat a power line as live and avoid the area until the power company has made repairs.

Food Safety is always a concern with power outages. Food in a refrigerator will remain cold for up to 4 hours if the door remains closed. A closed freezer can keep food below 41 degrees F for up to 48 hours depending on how full the freezer is packed. The two factsheets below will help you determine if food in your refrigerator or freezer is safe to keep.