2016 Severe Weather Awareness Week

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March 6th through March 12th has been declared 2016 Severe Weather Awareness Week in North Carolina. Springtime in North Carolina often brings severe weather and now is the time to get prepared so that you are ready when severe weather strikes. Last year in North Carolina there were nine tornados, 133 reports of flash flooding and almost 550 severe thunderstorms with strong winds or hail.

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Helping Your Family Prepare Before a Disaster

Don’t be reluctant to talk with your family about the possibility of a hurricane, fire, tornado, or flood. Thought and action before the disaster hits usually helps family members react …

During this week, FEMA and NOAA are bringing special attention to the importance of practicing how and where to take shelter for severe weather long before it occurs. It can be a matter of life and death and preparing your plans for shelter should be done long before severe weather strikes.

On March 9th, there will be a statewide tornado drill for North Carolina held at 9:30 a.m. The National Weather Service in cooperation with local radio and television will conduct this drill. This is the perfect time for schools, businesses, and residents to practice plans for severe weather safety.

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Tornado Preparedness

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