Livestock Landfill Updates (10/15/16)

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[Update From NCDA&CS – Michael Mayes, Mortality Management Group]

We have the following updates on the landfills we want to pass along to you from the Agriculture Emergency Operations Center (AgEOC). We have been in contact with the landfills today and they have informed us they will not accept animal mortality without prior approval. Call at least two hours ahead to the landfill that you intend to use to find out what their receiving policy is.

The smaller landfills (Wayne and Onslow) cannot handle anymore material at this time. These landfills are not getting regular deliveries of refuse at their locations. They use this refuse to cover the carcasses. They have maximized their ability to shift landfill at these locations, and if they attempt to do anymore this will upset the balance of the landfill. These locations are requesting that you not use them until Wednesday of next week. They recommend contacting the Sampson County landfill which indicated they can handle the volume.

The hours for the Sampson County Landfill are:

  • Saturday 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Sunday Closed

To compensate for these closures, the Department contacted landfills (some are listed on the previous list) a little further west and they have agreed to take animal moralities if you need them.

Click here to view the PDF with the supplemental landfills.