NCDA&CS Update on Hurricane Dorian (9/3/19)

— Written By NC State Extension
This newsletter contains important information from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Veterinary Division’s Livestock Unit in regards to Hurricane Dorian. Please share this information with other producers.
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Hurricane Dorian Forecast Update

Hurricane Dorian remains in the Bahamas this morning as a major hurricane. The storm is expected to begin trekking north later today. North Carolina might begin experiencing scattered rain from the storm as early as Wednesday. The storm’s full impact will most likely be felt Thursday beginning in the early hours through late Friday morning. If the models hold true, the storm would be out of North Carolina by Friday afternoon or evening.

Areas east of I-95 will suffer the worst impacts. Those area may receive 5+ inches of rain during Thursday and Friday. Tropical storm force winds (39+ mph) cannot be ruled out, nor can the chance of tornadoes. West of I-95, impacts from the storm may be less severe. Western North Carolina is not expected to see impact from this storm.

As a reminder, storm modeling changes, the true track, and impact from the storm cannot be fully anticipated. Please tune into local or trusted sources of weather information to determine how the storm may impact you.

Now is the time to prepare. Make a plan for you and your family, including your pets. has many tools and resources for you to use. Consider stocking up on extra supplies of non-perishable food, batteries, bottled water, and other necessities. If you need medication and are running low, now would be a good time to speak with your pharmacist and refill. Stop by the ATM and withdraw enough cash to last several days in case power is out. Finally, speak with you direct supervisors and make a plan for what you and your work area will do in case of storm impact.