Responder Warning Reminder

— Written By NC State Extension

Joint statement from N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, N.C. State University Cooperative Extension,
and N.C. Cattlemen’s Association

During a disaster, it is important to remember that everyone offering you assistance may not be doing so with your best intentions in mind. In every disaster, there are people or organizations who will try to take advantage of those affected by the event either for their own financial gains, or to further promote their organization’s anti-agricultural views.

Recently on a FEMA conference call, we received a report that an individual was offering operational recovery assistance to producers with the claim that he had been authorized by the South Carolina state government. A background check on this individual proved this to be false.

We are asking that if you are contacted by organizations or individuals that you do not know and you have a concern about their legitimacy, to please get the name of the individual/team, phone numbers, emails, license plate numbers, etc. and share that with your county Emergency Management Services.

Individual or local producer groups want to offer support or services (labor or supplies) can contact their county N.C. Cooperative Extension office or Emergency Management Services office and leave contact information. In that way, volunteers can be verified and matched with farmers most in need.