Wall-to-Wall Carpeting and Water Damage

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Hurricane Florence may have caused the wall-to-wall carpet in your home to become wet. The source of the water that entered your home will be the deciding factor in how to deal with the carpet.

  • Clean water has no contaminants comes from rainwater, broken water supply lines, or sink/tub overflows.
  • Gray water is unsanitary water and includes discharge from washing machines, dishwashers, aquariums,or water beds.
  • Image of damaged carpetBlack water is extremely unsanitary and contains pathogenic agents. This water includes floodwaters from the ocean, rivers, or streams.
  • Gray water that is left untreated for 48 hours allows microorganisms to multiply and turns into black water.

If your wall-to-wall carpet is wet from a clean water source and it was identified within 48 hours, you may be able to clean carpet yourself. If water is from a gray water, the carpet can be professionally cleaned, sanitized, dried, and reinstalled. Carpet contaminated with black water should be removed and discarded.

Regardless of the water source, all wet carpet padding should be removed, discarded, and replaced.

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